This is Us #33: Jack’s Story Has Only Just Begun

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I find it interesting that, just like in real life, Jack died and several days later we went to his funeral. Even that schedule seems so true to life and real, doesn't it? Although two days is too quick, but still... Watching Jack's funeral felt more like a real funeral of someone I know than any … [Read more...]

This is US Episode 31 RECAP: Massive and Horrible Clues to Jack’s Death

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I have only just recovered from the ending last night...The fire started! Nooooooo! And then the preview for the Superbowl episode! "I can't believe they are killing Jack after the Superbowl," I said, in shock and no small amount of fear. Fear? Yes, this is going to be ROUGH. I WILL NOT DO WELL! … [Read more...]

This is Us Recap Episode 30: Can Kevin and Miguel Put the Past Behind Them?

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Finally, some redemption for Miguel! I knew he had too much respect for his best friend to be putting the moves on Jack's wife back in the day. I loved his explanation of it to Kevin, that in his mind, Jack and Rebecca were one so he couldn't even imagine having feelings for her then.  I, for … [Read more...]

This Is Us Episode #29 Recap: Can the Pearsons’ Find Healing for Their Old Wounds?

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Beth, Tobey and Miguel may have been kicked out of the group therapy session tonight, but WE WERE THERE. We were sitting in on one of the most awkward, cringe-y, yet ultimately healing, therapy sessions ever. When last we left off with our Pearson family, Kate had just miscarried, Randall and … [Read more...]

This is Us Episode 28 RECAP: Randall and Jack Both Let Go

Us Teen Triplets

I can't even... This episode may have me sniffling for the five weeks it takes us to get back to the show. I knew the Randall episode would get under my skin the most, because he's the triplet I most relate to. He's like my Tv brother from another mother--for real! However, allow me to collect … [Read more...]