Comparing 3 Anne of Green Gables’ Series: Who Played Marilla Best?

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I used to think Marilla Cuthbert was a scary old bat, a crusty, rusty porcupine of a woman who wasn't quite capable of loving dear Anne the way she needed to be loved. She seemed like someone's mean teacher or least favorite aunt. What a crabby Patty! But that was before I became a mother … [Read more...]

Comparing Three Anne of Green Gables: Who Played Anne Best?

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I must say, I am enjoying this worldwide Anne Boom we are currently experiencing! Yes, I've had Anne Fanatics from as far away as Australia, England and even Korea weigh in on the new "Anne with an E" series, which debuted a mere ten days ago in the US but had already made a giant splash in my … [Read more...]

7 Thoughts on Trauma, Orphans, and “Anne with an E”

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  NOTE: Now that "Anne with an E" has dropped here in the US on Netflix, the conversation--and controversy--have ramped up even more. "I don't see why we need a 'gritty' Anne," one fan ranted, while others are loving the more complex, authentic heroine, trauma-induced warts and all. I … [Read more...]

7 (Mostly) Glowing Thoughts About “Anne with an E”

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My friend Troy is a therapist who for years counseled his young clients in foster care to adopt as their role model Anne of Green Gables, once also a foster child. Resilient, tough, joyful--Anne found a place to belong, and maybe, someday, so could they. We tease him about this now, but he thought … [Read more...]

Review of “Anne” Episode 6: “I Want to Be a Heroine in My Own Story”

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Thanks to my friend, novelist and Lucy Maud Montgomery nut Rachel McMillan, I am starting to see this innovative, new "Anne" as a character study, and not a plot driven retelling of AOGG.  I know I have ranted here, and I'm still not thrilled with every change to my beloved story, but I feel … [Read more...]