This is Us Episode #24 RECAP: A New Generation of Pearsons and the Beginning of Rebecca and Miguel

Credit NBC

You guys, last week I don't think my eyeballs even misted over, but this week was a sobfest. When young Randall said "Nobody looks like me (in the Pearson family)," I saw my beautiful Korean girl, with her golden skin and raven-black hair.  When Rebecca introduced herself to baby Randall as … [Read more...]

This is Us Episode 23 Recap: Who is the Mystery Pearson Brother?

US Jack and Rebecca 2

Sweet Molasses! Are they seriously trying to give us whiplash with these didn't-see-'em-coming twists at the end of (almost) every episode? Whew. Deep, cleansing breath. So there was a Nicky Pearson. I think "was" is the right word to use here, but you never know. You. Never. Know. Until you do, … [Read more...]

This is Us Episode #20 RECAP: Clooney and Randall Are Turned Into Verbs

Us Jack

First of all, guys, this was episode TWENTY! On the one hand, it seems like a whopping number but on the other like just a mere handful of stories, with hopefully 20, 40, 60 left to go! And secondly, everything just felt EXTRA skillfully wrought and finely crafted this week. I especially noticed … [Read more...]

This is Us: Episode #19: A Big Clue in Jack’s Death

US Season 2

To think, a year ago we were still reeling from the shock of the twistiest twist--that of foundling Randall becoming the third member of the Pearson triplets. And now we are all hooked. Sweet Molasses! Are we ever hooked! I am, anyway. How bout you guys? I have to say, I didn't think anything … [Read more...]

This Is Us Episode 16 RECAP: “My Beautiful Boy.”

This is Us Episode 16

Oh, William. What a sweet, sweet man. A wise owl. A loving father. Many would say he's just a character on TV, but when a character is so alive, so fully realized, and so beloved, he's much more. I am sorry this is the end of William's story, but I know writers this good will find a way to keep … [Read more...]