This is Us Recap: Jack Pearson’s Son

This is us 15

All the feelings! Well, I liked last week's episode, but Episode 15? It made me remember why I fell for #Us in the first place. Cheesy to say so, but so true! This episode had it all--pathos, awe, poignancy, sweetness, and hints of bad and good things to come for our Pearsons. Yes, OUR … [Read more...]

This Is Us Recap Episode 14: “Lava Fries for the Lady”

This is Us blog Episode 14

I read somewhere that if we didn't love Miguel by Episode 15, the writers were not doing their jobs. Well, I loved Miguel already since he was Javier on Castle and all, but I am intrigued by that comment. Here we are on Episode 14, and yes, we know Miguel a bit better, but I was anticipating some … [Read more...]

10 Adoption-Related Thoughts About “This Is Us”


They did NOT have me at Milo Ventimiglia’s butt on the trailer for “This is Us.” They had me at ‘finding my birth father.’ Because why? For one thing, to me, Milo is Jesse the Gilmore Boy (we’re still in Season 3 of GG, trying to catch up by November, which we won’t.) I mean, I could have been … [Read more...]