Comparing Three Anne of Green Gables: Who Played Matthew Best?

Matthew collage

I think I may love Matthew best of all.  I mean, it's nearly a four-way tie between Anne, Gilbert, Marilla and Matthew, with Anne having an edge because she's my tribal chief and all, but... Upon further soul searching, I think Matthew Cuthbert, literary potato farmer, may beat his ginger girl … [Read more...]

Comparing 3 Anne of Green Gables’ Series: Who Played Marilla Best?

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I used to think Marilla Cuthbert was a scary old bat, a crusty, rusty porcupine of a woman who wasn't quite capable of loving dear Anne the way she needed to be loved. She seemed like someone's mean teacher or least favorite aunt. What a crabby Patty! But that was before I became a mother … [Read more...]