There’s Fool’s Gold in Avonlea’s Hills: Anne with an E Episode 2 Review

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Oooh boy. This new season of Anne with an E is testing my love, to be sure. If the last episode of the second season was 90% off book, this one was 95% off book. It's almost as if creator Moira Walley Beckett has created a ten-part fan fiction of Anne of Green Gables! Or at least, looking at it … [Read more...]

Review of “Anne with an E” 2 Episode 1: Welcome Back to Alternative Avonlea

Chris Reardon, Netflix

Last we left them, our Cuthberts were grappling with a Green Gables in trouble--up to the hilt in debt and Matthew too sick to work. Gilbert went off to sea, but not before a tender goodbye from Anne. Jerry, the Cuthbert's French farm boy, was beaten in an alley in Charlottetown by a couple of … [Read more...]

Comparing Three Anne of Green Gables: Who Played Anne Best?

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I must say, I am enjoying this worldwide Anne Boom we are currently experiencing! Yes, I've had Anne Fanatics from as far away as Australia, England and even Korea weigh in on the new "Anne with an E" series, which debuted a mere ten days ago in the US but had already made a giant splash in my … [Read more...]