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Teach Your Kids to Cook…Without Stress

In my 2006 book “The Wide Eyed Wonder Years: A Mommy Guide to Preschool Daze,” I devote an entire chapter to kids and picky eating. Why? Because whoa NELLY! It’s a hot topic for every parent, everywhere. I’ve seen moms completely unravel while trying to coax their choosy children to eat something, anything, never mind something healthy.

That’s why I like Kids Cook Real Food, and their tagline:

Teach Your Kids to Cook

Without Stress

One of the tips I gave in the book was to “encompass your tots in the cooking process whenever you can, and give them a personal stake in their food.” I gave the example of Ezra, then three, helping me make paella. I still remember him squeezing the sausage out of the casings with glee.  Because he had some ownership of the meal, he was all in when it came time to mealtime, gobbling down the paella like it was the best thing, ever.

Thirteen years later, Ezra’s a great eater! In fact, he’s too much of a great eater, but then again, he’s a teenage boy!

My point is, if you’re struggling to get your kids to eat healthier foods with more variety, it might be time to school yourself in teaching them to cook alongside you.

Check out 10 Snacks Your Kids Can Make for some savvy, wholesome recipes your little ones can make–and eat–even on the run. There’s a recipe for super portable energy bites for when you’re out and about, and when you are home, you and the kids can whip up her homemade finger Jell-O, sans the box!

All the recipes are packed with wholesomeness, written in a kid-friendly style, and include ideas for what different aged kids can accomplish within each recipe. (ie: A 3-year-old can cut carrots with a plastic knife etc)

I’m a big fan of getting kids to take on more and more ownership of their care and feeding as they grow older. “Teach a kid to cook and you’ll feed him for a lifetime…” Yeah, for sure. There’s nothing better than empowering your kids to feed themselves powerful food.

If you want all 10 recipes, go HERE to get them for free.






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