Comparing Three Anne of Green Gables: Who Played Matthew Best?

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I think I may love Matthew best of all.  I mean, it's nearly a four-way tie between Anne, Gilbert, Marilla and Matthew, with Anne having an edge because she's my tribal chief and all, but... Upon further soul searching, I think Matthew Cuthbert, literary potato farmer, may beat his ginger girl … [Read more...]

I Am a Real Dad: Thoughts About and Photos of Adoptive Dads and Their Children

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It was 2004 when my husband, Doyle, had a dream he will never forget. In the dream he saw a tiny little girl, about two, with hair the color of a blackbird's wing and eyes the shape of watermelon seeds. She was sitting on the back of a tractor trailer, in a red shirt, waving at him and … [Read more...]

Comparing Three Anne of Green Gables: Who Played Gilbert Blythe Best??

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What is it about Gilbert Blythe that has prompted so many dreamy sighs over the last century and nine years? Yes, we've loved him for no less than 109 years! He may seem like a mild-mannered boy-next-door, without a lot of flash and drama, but it’s his stoic devotion that makes him complex and … [Read more...]

Comparing 3 Anne of Green Gables’ Series: Who Played Marilla Best?

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I used to think Marilla Cuthbert was a scary old bat, a crusty, rusty porcupine of a woman who wasn't quite capable of loving dear Anne the way she needed to be loved. She seemed like someone's mean teacher or least favorite aunt. What a crabby Patty! But that was before I became a mother … [Read more...]

Comparing Three Anne of Green Gables: Who Played Anne Best?

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I must say, I am enjoying this worldwide Anne Boom we are currently experiencing! Yes, I've had Anne Fanatics from as far away as Australia, England and even Korea weigh in on the new "Anne with an E" series, which debuted a mere ten days ago in the US but had already made a giant splash in my … [Read more...]