I Am a Real Dad: Thoughts About and Photos of Adoptive Dads and Their Children

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It was 2004 when my husband, Doyle, had a dream he will never forget. In the dream he saw a tiny little girl, about two, with hair the color of a blackbird's wing and eyes the shape of watermelon seeds. She was sitting on the back of a tractor trailer, in a red shirt, waving at him and … [Read more...]

7 Thoughts on Trauma, Orphans, and “Anne with an E”

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  NOTE: Now that "Anne with an E" has dropped here in the US on Netflix, the conversation--and controversy--have ramped up even more. "I don't see why we need a 'gritty' Anne," one fan ranted, while others are loving the more complex, authentic heroine, trauma-induced warts and all. I … [Read more...]

Of Adoption, Birth Fathers, and a Good, Good Father


You know, since I've fallen in love with the new NBC drama "This is Us," AND especially with William, Randall's birth father, I've been thinking again about my own birth father, "Ted" and how it all played out between the two of us. SPOILER ALERT: My birth father is no William. In fact, every … [Read more...]

10 Adoption-Related Thoughts About “This Is Us”


They did NOT have me at Milo Ventimiglia’s butt on the trailer for “This is Us.” They had me at ‘finding my birth father.’ Because why? For one thing, to me, Milo is Jesse the Gilmore Boy (we’re still in Season 3 of GG, trying to catch up by November, which we won’t.) I mean, I could have been … [Read more...]