This Is Us Recap Episode 14: “Lava Fries for the Lady”

This is Us blog Episode 14

I read somewhere that if we didn't love Miguel by Episode 15, the writers were not doing their jobs. Well, I loved Miguel already since he was Javier on Castle and all, but I am intrigued by that comment. Here we are on Episode 14, and yes, we know Miguel a bit better, but I was anticipating some … [Read more...]

This Is Us Recap #1: We’re Having Triplets!


Well, I thought I wouldn't cry on this episode of "This is Us." It wasn't really focused on adoption, the issue that usually hits a nerve with me. But when I started explaining the whole thing to my college son, who had never seen an episode, that did it. "William is Randall's birth father," I said … [Read more...]