This Is Us Recap #1: We’re Having Triplets!


Well, I thought I wouldn't cry on this episode of "This is Us." It wasn't really focused on adoption, the issue that usually hits a nerve with me. But when I started explaining the whole thing to my college son, who had never seen an episode, that did it. "William is Randall's birth father," I said … [Read more...]

5 Pros & 5 Cons to the New “Anne of Green Gables” movie


I tried to keep an open mind. I did! I didn't want to be one of those people who will never accept any rendition of "Anne of Green Gables" other than the now thirty-year-old Kevin Sullivan miniseries. It's been well established here that I am crazy, wild, nuts for that rendition, as millions are. … [Read more...]

Of Adoption, Birth Fathers, and a Good, Good Father


You know, since I've fallen in love with the new NBC drama "This is Us," AND especially with William, Randall's birth father, I've been thinking again about my own birth father, "Ted" and how it all played out between the two of us. SPOILER ALERT: My birth father is no William. In fact, every … [Read more...]