Review of “Anne,” Episode 5: There Shall Be “Raspberry Cordial”!

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While last week's episode was my least favorite so far, this one is by far my most favorite. I was pining for "iconic" moments, and iconic moments I received!  I mean, if this were an ice cream cone, it would be Triple Scoop Iconic flavour (Canadian spelling). 1. Anne and Gil's Spelldown!  I … [Read more...]

Review of “Anne” Episode 4: Fire-Haired Dreamer

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Last week's Gilbert Blythe meet-n-greet went very well indeed: Not a single person "polled" didn't like the new Gilbert! Lucas Jade Zumann had massive shoes to fill (the late, great Jonathan Crombie, no less, whose "eulogy" crashed my site almost two years ago at the time of his death), so this was … [Read more...]

5 (Possibly Controversial) Thoughts About Episode 2 of “Anne” PLUS 3 Books to Read with Tea in Drizzly Weather

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It's March in Michigan, and that means a few things: Gloom Drizzles Cloud Cover Chilliness, with no white, sparkly snow to compensate. If I were Anne of Green Gables, though, I might cast things in a more romantic light. "Gloom" would be translated as "a pearl gray day." Cloud cover … [Read more...]

Review: 10 Reasons to Go Deep into the Broken, Beautiful Heart of “Anne”

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 From the theme music--the Tragically Hip's "Ahead of the World by a Century"--on, you know this interpretation of "Anne of Green Gables" will be like none other.  I'm a Canadian expat, living in Michigan, so I was woebegone indeed at the thought of missing the world premiere. I schemed about … [Read more...]