This is Us Episode 22 RECAP: Grandma’s a Racist and Kate has a Secret

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Topical. That's my word for Episode 22. Not only are they exploring adoption, grief, weight, marriage and parenting, the show is also tackling a couple of hot button topics these days: race and Opioid addiction. As for race, they are exploring it in the way they explore everything--with subtlety. … [Read more...]

This is Us Episode 21 RECAP: “There’s No Such Thing As a Long Time Ago”

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Who saw Mandy Moore on the "Today Show" this morning? (That DRESS! Verdant, winsome and crisp!) Anyhoo, Mandy said something interesting, that there were three "clues" regarding everyone's story line: Teenage Kate with a dog, teenage Randall with a red-haired girl, and teenage Kevin with a … [Read more...]

This is Us Episode #20 RECAP: Clooney and Randall Are Turned Into Verbs

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First of all, guys, this was episode TWENTY! On the one hand, it seems like a whopping number but on the other like just a mere handful of stories, with hopefully 20, 40, 60 left to go! And secondly, everything just felt EXTRA skillfully wrought and finely crafted this week. I especially noticed … [Read more...]

This is Us: Episode #19: A Big Clue in Jack’s Death

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To think, a year ago we were still reeling from the shock of the twistiest twist--that of foundling Randall becoming the third member of the Pearson triplets. And now we are all hooked. Sweet Molasses! Are we ever hooked! I am, anyway. How bout you guys? I have to say, I didn't think anything … [Read more...]

This is Us: The 12 Biggest Moments You Forgot from Last Season


Hello, fellow This is Us fanatics! How excited are WE? Just SIX DAYS and all shall be revealed! Well, not all. Not on the first episode! But lots and lots will be revealed, especially over the course of eighteen gloriously new episodes. By the way, how cool is it that our grueling six-month wait … [Read more...]