Review: 10 Reasons to Go Deep into the Broken, Beautiful Heart of “Anne”

Anne 1

 From the theme music--the Tragically Hip's "Ahead of the World by a Century"--on, you know this interpretation of "Anne of Green Gables" will be like none other.  I'm a Canadian expat, living in Michigan, so I was woebegone indeed at the thought of missing the world premiere. I schemed about … [Read more...]

This is Us FINAL Recap: “You’re Not Just My Great Love Story, Rebecca…”

This is Us Jack and Rebecca finale

What? Whoa! My head is still spinning over here, guys. So, it’s the end of the season and we don’t know how Jack died! Feeling a little foolish over here, but also not so foolish. The part of me that assumed we would KNOW feels silly, but the part that thought, deep down, that it was still … [Read more...]

This is Us Episode 17 Recap: “It’s My Fault My Dad Died”

This is Us Randall and Kate

One more episode after this one! Okay, I have a little bit of rage right now. Why oh why is our show not continuing on into May like the Good Lord intended? I mean, MARCH??? This will mean a SIX MONTH span of time wondering about Kate and Jack and the triplets and Toby and Sophie get my … [Read more...]

This Is Us Episode 16 RECAP: “My Beautiful Boy.”

This is Us Episode 16

Oh, William. What a sweet, sweet man. A wise owl. A loving father. Many would say he's just a character on TV, but when a character is so alive, so fully realized, and so beloved, he's much more. I am sorry this is the end of William's story, but I know writers this good will find a way to keep … [Read more...]

This is Us Recap: Jack Pearson’s Son

This is us 15

All the feelings! Well, I liked last week's episode, but Episode 15? It made me remember why I fell for #Us in the first place. Cheesy to say so, but so true! This episode had it all--pathos, awe, poignancy, sweetness, and hints of bad and good things to come for our Pearsons. Yes, OUR … [Read more...]