10 Ways to Rock the Anne of Green Gables Superfan Lifestyle

After 109 years, our favorite loquacious ginger is having a revival of sorts.

Well, not even “of sorts.” Literally, the book has become a bestseller again thanks to the CBC/Netflix series “Anne with an E.” Young girls are devouring the series for the very first time, and old girls too (like the 82-year-old I met recently who told me she just read AOGG for the first time, on the recommendation of her 90-year-old sister).

Some fans are rereading the series or diving into Lucy Maud Montgomery’s other books for the first time (hint: you’ll ADORE “The Blue Castle” and the Emily series!) Get this: Last month Canadian bookstore chain Indigo/Chapters named AOGG their #1 Canadian book! That’s like Barnes and Noble calling “Little Women” their #1 American book…it just blows my mind.

Boy, if Maud could have foreseen that her book–rejected soundly and often by multiple publishers–would be a bestseller 109 years later, she would have burst into raptures.

Anne Lifestyle cover

Kindred spirits, you know that living as a member of Anne Nation is not just a reading habit or preference, it’s a LIFESTYLE.

So it is with unutterable joy that I bring to you a sumptuous sampling of things to read, decorate with, be inspired by, listen to, wear and even roll upon yourself, all in the name of fine-tuning your Anne fandom.

Are you sighing yet? You will be…

1. The Anneheads Podcast

A podcast about all things Anne of Green Gables? Yes! Merci! Danke! Denki! (Pennsylvania Dutch, yah!). I finally gave this podcast a whirl a while ago and was very taken with it. First of all, Aimee knows her stuff. With the soothing cadences of her oh-so-Canadian, made-for-narration voice, she effortlessly weaves in really gloriously geeky details about Anne and Maud. And I love what her husband, “Man of Green Gables,” brings to the table, which are fresh observations about our favorite story. Funny. Sweet. Insightful. And pretty darn kindred-y, if that were a word.

2. Frameable Anne Quotes and Prints from Carrot Top Paper Shop on Etsy!

Winsome and color-drenched, these endearing prints from the most loveable, Anne-ish Etsy Shop will brighten any bosom friend’s  room/house. The shop also offers all manner of prints and cards etc featuring our favorite literary heroines, such as Jo March, Lizzie Bennett, Nancy Drew, and even Emily Starr, Maud’s OTHER lit heroine who many of you love (as do I.)

Anne Lifestyle blog #1





3. Anne Greeting Cards!

Remember Anne’s “apology” to Rachel Lynde after Rachel called her homely and scrawny and red haired? Anne always had something to say, and often she said something perfect. So why not let her do the talking on your greeting cards? I gave this one to my daughter when she (SNIFF) turned 12 in December. Check out the whole superb selection!


Anne Lifestyle blog #2


4. Anne Tights!

Little did Maud (or Anne) know that those much ballyhooed red braids would someday be so irresistible people would want to wear them…on their legs!

Anne Lifestyle blog #3

5. Gilbert Shirt!

Talk about keeping Gilbert close to one’s heart…

Anne Lifestyle blog #4

6. Anne and Gilbert’s Love...on a Tea Towel!

Won’t it give you a little thrill to wipe up your spills with this flutter-inducing tea towel?

Anne Lifestyle blog #5








7. Marilla scarf

Wind this around your neck and see if it won’t start a conversation or two: “For pity’s sake, Anne, hold your tongue. You talk entirely too much for a little girl. -Marilla”

Anne lifestyle blog #9











8. Anne-Inspired Scents

Anne Lifestyle blog #6

They say the sense of smell is the most powerful of the senses for evoking memories and emotions. If you want to waft a little bit of literary love in your wake, try these Green Gables-scented cologne rollers with notes of gardenia, narcissus, white lilies, orange and lemon, with just a hint of green leaves.

9. Anne-wear for your neck, wrists, and ears

One of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received is an Anne necklace, crafted by an Etsy artist and given to me by my friend Sheri on the occasion of  “Anne of Green Gables, My Daughter and Me” coming out. Naturally, I treasure it, and every time I wear it I have people say, ‘Oh, Anne. I loved that book…”


Anne Lifestyle blog #7


10. Anne’s Favorite Bright Red Drink

Check out this seriously mouthwatering recipe for Raspberry Cordial, the bright red drink Anne thought she was serving Diana….Every time I make it, I take one sip and feel like I’ve been teleported to the very heartbeat of a raspberry! (Oh, wow, I feel like anne might have just overtaken my fingers as I typed that last sentence.) Time-consuming, but isn’t everything worthwhile?

anne Lifestyle blog #8

And do check out www.literarysupply.com, a cool new blog about books, books, and more books! (Photo credit literarysupply.com). 

Here’s how to pull your Anne Lifestyle together:

Once you’ve sent your Anne birthday card, sealed with a kiss, and you’ve hung your Anne quotes and/or art prints where you can see them and sigh, it’s time to choose your outfit with care.

Will you go Anne Crazy and wear your Gilbert shirt AND your Marilla scarf AND your Anne jewelry all at the same time or will you tastefully wear them one at a time? Before you decide, though, do whip up a batch of Raspberry Cordial so the berry-straining is done before you adorn yourself in something special.

When you’ve decided, roll on some GG scent and make up a pretty tray featuring a pitcher of Cordial with a tea towel folded so you can easily see the quote and sigh over Anne and Gilbert’s love. Carry the tray to a patio, deck, porch, or your favorite reading nook, and listen happily to the Anneheads podcast. Intersperse the podcast with bouts of reading Anne itself, one of Maud’s 20-some other books, or a book related to Anne?

How about Maud by Melanie Fishbane? Maud, with its absolutely STUNNING cover, feels like it was written BY Lucy Maud Montgomery, not ABOUT her! You’ll adore this YA novel about Maud’s teen years in Cavendish, PEI when she dreamed of being a novelist one day.




Also, since this is my blog and all, might I suggest AOGGMDAM? It’s my own Anne superfan memoir about my adoption, my daughter’s, and of course, Anne’s orphan journey, too!



Which item on this list makes your heart beat a little quicker? What do you WISH someone would make or invent, related to Anne? Every comment on this blog will be entered in a contest to win my Anne memoir!









  1. Julie Ann says

    I love the scarves & of course the books. I started my Anne obsession years ago. My parents even took the fam to PEI when I was in high school (22 years ago)!

  2. Amanda Zaugg says

    I would love to see an Anne clothing line, an Anne blanket, and Anne lotion!!! Love all things Anne!!

    • Lorilee says

      Amanda, what do you think the Anne clothing line would look like? What would Anne lotion smell like?Love it!

  3. Lucy Anne Bannister says

    …Marilla’s plum pudding sauce (sans mouse), Rachel’s knitting, pearl beads, Diana’s red tissue bookmark, old time flower seeds, Gilbert’s cap, Marilla’s amethyst brooch, braided rugs, garland hats, tea-sets, Anne quote “Feel a Prayer”……..ferns and lacy curtains…..all pretty things

  4. Meagan Shuttleworth says

    Oh my goodness,..reading this made my heart swell! I have been an Anne fan since I was a child and still quote the books often. I am loving the scarf and the shirt and the bracelet! Had no idea they were available! WOW! I would love to have a Bosom Buddy of my own,..but thats not something you can create. HA HA (Diana truly was the definition of a best friend.) But in all seriousness, maybe some Anne inspired clothing? How amazing would that be!?

  5. says

    I’m so in love with the Carrot Top Paper Shop prints! I have Emily and Anne in my room now! I had an Anne of Green Gables journal when I was young. I’d love to get another one. I’d love a beautiful china tea set with quotes from the book and flowers painted on the pieces! Sigh! Thanks for mentioning our podcast too!!

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