This is Us FINAL Recap: “You’re Not Just My Great Love Story, Rebecca…”

This Is Us - Season 1What? Whoa! My head is still spinning over here, guys.

So, it’s the end of the season and we don’t know how Jack died!

Feeling a little foolish over here, but also not so foolish. The part of me that assumed we would KNOW feels silly, but the part that thought, deep down, that it was still too soon, feels less silly.

Also: Disappointed. I was gearing up to KNOW!

But: A little okay with it. The ending left room for more Jack and Rebecca, and that’s a far cry better finale than killing Jack in a drunk driving accident when they were mad at each other!

And, we still don’t know how Kate was involved in her dad’s death. Remember how she said it was her “fault”?

As someone said on Twitter, “we don’t know how Jack died, but we know how he lived.” Sage! So sage, that Ken Olin, one of the show’s producers and a “Thirtysomething” alum, liked it. I liked it too!

Overall, this finale (this VERY PREMATURE MARCH finale) was beautifully crafted. I absolutely loved the way the writers wove in and out between 1977 (or around there) and 1996.

And the piece at the end, taking up the three story-threads of the triplets before we say goodbye for six months? A masterstroke.

Sad to say, this will be my last #Us recap for half a bloody year! Argh. But hey, it’s been a slice, hasn’t it? Here goes:

  1. Alrighty, I’m still very miffed about Jack drinking and driving. I believe it’s way out of character for him to act so recklessly, no matter how upset he is at Rebecca. Thoughts?


  1. I’ve heard a lot of criticism of Rebecca for pursuing her singing, but I don’t feel one bit critical. Singing is one of the things she was put on this earth to do, and she needs to find a way to do it! She wanted to be the next Carole King, and instead she sacrificed everything for her family, to the neglect of her God-given gift!


  1. Jack was in Vietnam? Huh. Who knew?


  1. Ben clearly deserved that punch in the kisser. Who does he think he is, making the moves on Jack Pearson’s wife? I like the way he accidentally confessed: “Don’t blame her because I crossed the line.” Not overly bright, that scuzzy Ben.


  1. Jack and Rebecca’s silent car ride home was FROSTY. And why wouldn’t it be? Yes, she loves him dearly, but he ruined everything for her AND he was drunk behind the wheel.


  1. Jack, on his abusive dad: “Whenever he had the choice to do the right thing or the wrong thing, he always broke the wrong way.” Jack tried to be different, for the most part, and it paid off big in his marriage and family. That’s also why it’s so hard to see him making the WRONG choices now!


  1. Jack and Rebecca have a blazing, scorching, soul twisting barn burner of a fight. Yelling. Screaming. I felt like they were my parents (who I don’t remember fighting much at all) and I just wanted them to stop! Okay, so maybe I’m a little overinvested in this show! But it was hard, right guys?


  1. I was SO worried Jack would leave the house again after Rebecca went to bed and keep drinking. But he didn’t. Phew.


  1. I like what happened in the morning. Oh, I know it was sad that they were separating, for a little while, anyway, but gorgeous, healing seeds were planted for restoration. Jack told his love why he loved her. Her way as a mother, her beauty, her innate desire to sing. “You’re not just my great love story, Rebecca, you’re my big break.” People on TV always say the most perfect things, don’t they?


  1. And I like what Rebecca said, too. “We meant what we said. We may have hated the way we said it but we meant it.” In other words, we have some issues to deal with here.


Oh, and the triplets! The way we got to peek into their lives was perfect. Just a little taste of things to come next season:

  1. Kate: “I want to sing” (like her mama!)
  2. Kevin: “I am going to meet with the director (Ron Howard!).” Poor Sophie is not thrilled, but supportive as befits a woman in love.
  3. Randall: “I WANT TO ADOPT A BABY!”


Yahoooooooo! I cried! My husband did not cry, but he had that buzzing sensation somewhere in his esophagus….So moving!


As an adoptee with two biological children and an adopted daughter, I can say with a full heart that this will be the beginning of such rich storytelling…You guys, this will be amazing.

Okay, tell me everything. How are you feeling right now? Can I get you anything? Tissues, wine, a soft place to land?

Are you happy or unhappy with the way things were left? what are you most looking forward to next season? (Me? Randall’s baby!!!!)


  1. Anne Peterson says

    I liked the episode, but I feel like last week would have been a more emotional season ender. I think it is possible that Jack would drive drunk. Drunk people often think they’re fine to drive and not impaired at all. He’s such a good guy deep down and I admire him so much for not becoming his twisted father. I loved the scene with Rebecca and her soon to be married friend. So real!

  2. Holly says

    Did you notice how Rebecca seemed to expect Jack to be outside the bedroom door in the morning like in an earlier episode? I think Kate blames herself because she encouraged him to go to her mom which led to the fight which led to him leaving. I have a feeling that is the last time Rebecca sees him alive.

  3. shahrzad says

    I wasn’t so thrilled about them seperating jack and Rebbeca !!! even if it is for a little while! we have to fell that they are seperated for 6 months!!! not fair! I wanna say poor sophie but I think that she did something bad to kate in the past! maybe stealing her favorite brother or something so I can’t feel that much sympathy for her!
    BTW I like the way you write.

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