This Is Us Recap Episode 14: “Lava Fries for the Lady”

This is Us blog Episode 14I read somewhere that if we didn’t love Miguel by Episode 15, the writers were not doing their jobs. Well, I loved Miguel already since he was Javier on Castle and all, but I am intrigued by that comment. Here we are on Episode 14, and yes, we know Miguel a bit better, but I was anticipating some massive act of heroism or something. Maybe next week?

I didn’t cry this week–you? I almost had a moment when William was cheering Tess on in her chess tournament. That’s a little raw for me. We lost Doyle’s dad less than three months ago, and less than five months ago he was still coming to Phoebe’s volleyball games, calling out “good serve!” I have so attached to William myself that it’s hard to imagine his character dying and not being in the mix–sigh.

But it was wondrous to have my #Us pals back on the TV–can I get a witness? And it’s February sweeps so we know some new episodes will be rolling in.

Here’s my recap of Episode 14:

1. Miguel and Shelly are kaput. Ugh! Been there, done that, have the t-shirt that says “It’s hard and awkward and sad when couple friends get a divorce.”

2. I was however heartened by the way Jack took Miguel’s news as a wake-up call to attend to his own marriage! Nice touch with the fairy lights in the old apartment but maybe a little unreal? I fear they are setting Jack up a little too much as the perfect husband. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, and I’m betting Miguel will be involved when it does. 

3. William and Tess get caught playing chess at 3 a.m., stirring ambivalence in Randall. He knows William is dying but can’t accept it. Been there, too.

4. When Kevin sweetly asked that old couple if they would change tables so he and Sophie could sit at the booth where they had their first kiss? Adorable, and wasn’t that Marla Gibbs, aka Florence Johnston, the sassy pants maid from “The Jeffersons”? I Googled it so you didn’t have to: It was her, and she’s 85! Looking good, Flo!

5. Kevin and Sophie…hmmm. I still kind of like Sloane for him. Olivia can join the space program and never return to earth, but Sloane was good for Kevin. Plus, tons of baggage there with Sophie. Steamer trunks! And we now know there was cheating, which does not bode well and clearly adds another heaving piece of luggage. I bet Kevin has changed, but has he changed enough?

6. Loved the way Sophie asked about Kevin’s family, especially “Miggy” (Miguel). I do wonder though why Kevin doesn’t like Miguel? Is it more than just ‘you’re not my dad’?

7. Ben, Rebecca’s bandmate, scares me. So does Duke, the facilities manager at Kate’s camp. Why are all these dudes sniffing around taken ladies?

8. Kevin telling Sophie he’s her facebook friend, under the name Soo Hee Jung, was the lightest moment of the show, a puff of comedy in a fairly tense hour. Soo Hee Jung! Hilarious. I’m glad she showed up at their booth after all. (Picky, picky: why do they have a first kiss “booth” in New York when they are from Pittsburgh?)

9. I guess I didn’t know I was sold on Toby until Duke came along. Toby really loves Kate–otherwise he wouldn’t have brought her magazines and body wash! What does Duke have that Toby doesn’t? I mean, ewww, propositioning her the first time they met, and double ewww–she’s taking him up on it??? I DO NOT APPROVE! Yes, Toby was pretty direct about wanting to sleep with Kate, too, but we know him now. He’s our friend!

10. Whoa now–what’s all this about Randall’s trembling hand?? That makes me very nervous. What could it be? Parkinson’s? Is this his perfectionist anxiety rearing its head (remember, he did go blind for a time before we knew him). BLURGH!

Okay, it’s your turn to weigh in.

What was your favorite part of the episode? Least favorite? What storyline are you most excited to see play out? Comment below and we’ll discuss!

(Here’s Recap One and Recap Two and Recap Three if you missed them. Also, my first #Us post, “10 Adoption Thoughts About This is Us.”)



    • Lorilee says

      Right? What a cutie! And I love this picture of her and Justin Hartley “Kevin”! :) they look like it was love at first sight! :)

  1. Sue Syverson says

    I really do not understand why guys make advances on women who are obviously in relationships! I have dealt with it in the past, and now here- I guess it really is a common thing- but so frustrating! I like Toby, and somewhat protective of his relationship with Kate. I am not too happy with Kate at the moment, but I believe she will do the right thing in the end.

    • Lorilee says

      Someone, I think on my Facebook author’s page, said that she believed we were meant to THINK Kate was going to Cabin 13 for all the wrong reasons, but that she would do the right thing in the end. So I agree with your comment. Still don’t like Duke!!!! :)

  2. Bethany says

    Agree. Jack is being made out to be perfect and the old apartment set up was just a little over the top. Yes, I think Randall does have Parkinsons and he feels like he is watching what is going to happen to him. Love me some Florence! I was happy to see her. Kevin-cheated? Ugh. I love how hard he is trying, though, and how it was prompted by Toby who almost didn’t get the chance to win his love for good. Speaking of, Kate is playing with fire with the arrogant camp worker but maybe it is the first time she feels wanted and competed for…stirring up some finally confident feelings. I am anxious to see how Miguel and Rebecca and Jack play out…he just doesn’t seem like anything much compared to Jack. Still the show is complex, intriguing, and addicting.

    • Lorilee says

      Bethany, I think you are right on the money, especially with Duke stirring up some confidence for Kate. Nice insights!

  3. Dianna C says

    The minute I saw her, I yelled at my hubby, “NO WAY” could that possibly be the housekeeper from the Jeffersons!?!? Need to contact Marla for her beauty secrets; 85 and looks AMAZING!!! Yeah, this episode, like most, was a roller coaster ride…cheering for Kevin (when Sophie showed up), booing and hissing when S mentioned his cheating :( Saddened by Jack/Bec squabbling at dinner, cheering for Rebecca putting Ben IN HIS PLACE! Awwwing at the late night chess lessons, holding my breath after the match when William hesitates to rise. And of course, GROWLING and GLARING at Duke trying to intice Kate into an affair and then SCREAMING at her for going to his cabin…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let her step up and squash this arrogant d*#% into the ground!!! Can not wait for a new episode; this series is even better than Parenthood, I dare say!

    • Lorilee says

      I love your emotion, Dianna C! :) Also: “Need to contact Marla for her beauty secrets; 85 and looks AMAZING!!!” SAME!

  4. shahrzad says

    I was watching the whole speech Rebbeca gave the stupid bandmate with a big smile on my face!!! I was a little relived that she saidthat she actually sees what he’s doing for his family!!! that was my favorite…and kate…well we Iranians do believe that number 13 is cursed!!! hope she won’t be THAT stupid!

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