This is Us Recap #2: “I Kinda Need a Miracle…”

This Is Us - Season 1After tonight’s potent episode, I’m in awe of the creative powers of the #Us writing team. The way they overlapped bits of previous scenes and filled them in with more detail was absolutely a marvel!

Oh boy, I CRIED! And I laughed, too, which is good. Did you guys know the #1 emoji is laughter through tears? Yeah, it’s the perfect emoji for tonight’s episode, which I will recap herein:

1. Ah, Miguel! Jon Huertas is ALWAYS welcome, especially as the younger Miguel–Jack’s best buddy, supportive pal, promoter of golf. But their tightness does make me wonder again what in the Sam Hill happened to Jack, and did Miguel always have feelings for Rebecca? (And why, in the “now” scenes, do we never see his four children from his first marriage? What happened there? so many questions…)

2. First heart puncture of the hour: When Dr. K sat at his empty dining room table, talking to his dead wife as if she were there. It made me think I’ve got to talk to my dad, gone ten years now. I haven’t talked to him in some time and I miss him. Dr. K made me miss my dad! (And major kudos to Gerald McRaney for his astounding work on this episode.)

3. LOVED the way the writers wove in the fireman’s story. “Who’s that guy?,” my husband asked (he was concurrently reading a magazine–can you believe it?). “He’s the firefighter who brought Randall to the hospital,” I said, “praying for a miracle.” Really close-to-the-bone acting from Brian Oblak as the firefighter. Wow! You just get the feeling this guy and his marriage are teetering–their lives could fall on either side.

4. Ha!: “Hey God, I know we only talk during playoffs but I am concerned my wife might be possessed by demons…” Me and the Mister had a good laugh, as Rebecca’s gestational spinning head cray-cray cued up memories of my own now famous “you don’t even know where the TOWELS are” incident.

5. But Jack comes back with the sweetest thing (doesn’t he always?). Yes, she’s acting quite deranged, but Jack can roll with it. Miguel tries to whisk him away for golf time, but Jack’s heart still leans toward home. “I still don’t want to escape her (aww) or my vomiting, crap-ridden future children…” Jack always says something perfect.

6. Heart puncture #2: The scene where the firefighter opens the door and finds that scrumptious baby boy as his birth father looks on, like Pharoah’s daughter scooping Moses out of the Nile in his reed basket as Miriam watches. Evocative. 

7. Dr. K’s kids want him to move on, but he’s not ready for a “good meal” or companionship, not even with the lovely lady at the grocery store. I’ve had similar conversations with my mom. “Why don’t you just want a friend to go to Christian Banquets with?” Because goodness knows she goes to Christian Banquets all the time. But she is having NONE of it. Which is her call. But I still kind of identified a little bit with Dr. K’s son. You just don’t want your parent sitting around the house, talking to ghosts, all the time. 

8. Oh–the scene where the firefighter brings wee Randall home to his wife, brimming with cautious hope that this orphan can fix their broken marriage. “I prayed for a miracle,” he says, helplessly, hopefully. And then we find out it is his wife who directs him to the hospital, where the firefighter’s bundle finds belonging.

9. The episode ends with hope scattered like sunshine. The firefighter and his wife try again, boosted by their asked-for miracle; Dr. K, also caught up in the updraft of Randall-hope, “moves on” in his own way; and we know he’s going to be okay. And we witness what happens eight years later, the family forged by fire that day in 1980, strong, connected, and beloved!

Bummers: No Kevin! No Kate! No Randall!  No WILLIAM (except for the briefest, saddest glimpse of Young William). But I guess you can’t tell everybody’s story well, every week, not even if you’re story magicians.

What was your favorite part of the episode? Least favorite? What storyline are you most excited to see play out? Comment below and we’ll get a LULU of a discussion going!

(Here’s last week’s recap if you need it!)




  1. Linda says

    When I watch, “This Is Us”, I tune out everything. The writing is real and believable. I am so taken with Jack and what a devoted husband and father his character portrays.
    I like that they go back and reveal more detail to the story lines. It’s like adding more layers that you didn’t know you wanted to know. Very well done.

  2. Sue Laitinen says

    I loved how they intertwined the separate storylines together. Between Dr K, (heartwrenching and so real. Gerald McRaney is a gem.) the firefighter, and Jack and Rebecca. It’s funny how just one thing can intertwine lives and you don’t ever see it. In this instance it was a baby.
    This episode was so good in didn’t want it to end. I hadn’t even realized at first that young Miguel was THE Miguel. My daughter pointed it out to me, lol. More than ever now, I want to know what happened to Jack and how Miguel and Rebecca came to be.
    Jackson prayer while sitting in the car, had me in stitches. Dr K talking to his son, had me in tears. I don’t think I can pick a favorite part because it was all really good. And poignant. But as I’ve said, I want to know what happened to Jack. Although I know I’ll hate it because Jack and Rebecca just belong together.

    • Lorilee says

      No apologies for the typos! :) Goodness, I’ve seen so much worse! :) Yes, I love Jack and Rebecca together. There must be a very compelling reason for Miguel and Rebecca getting together. I read a headline that said “If the viewers don’t love Miguel by Episode 15, the writers are doing something wrong.” which means something big will happen. I am wondering if Jack will go off the deep end because of his abusive past. And Miguel will save the day?

  3. says

    Incredible show. Hit home about the grieving doctor and that he should be “better” after 14 months. When is it time to move her perfumes, etc. Loved how the abandoned baby was a miracle to many in this episide…the start of healing that marriage. The helping (not replacing) with the lost baby, the doctor seeming pleased that the couple were considering adoption, I am thinking he felt needed as he kinda introduced the possibility. Thus a miracle in changing his heart, too.

  4. Christy Dam says

    I usually don’t keep up with a show fast enough to enjoy your recaps, but I’m now I’ve been watching This Is Us and I’m caught up. I’m basically watching it for adoption storyline, because the Sufjan Stevens songs in the first episode lured me in, and because I like a good show I can depend on for a teary moment here and there. I really enjoy the flashbacks more than most of the adult kid issues, besides Randall-related storylines. It is a little melodramatic for me, but still some good writing, characters, some interesting stuff. So, since it was all flashbacks, I really enjoyed this one. Only rolled my eyes a couple times and especially loved the terrible desperate birthday gifts.

    Bryan’s just mad Jack sold the car. He saw that coming a mile away and yelled DON’T DO IT several times.

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