14 Kingly and Queenly Baby Names fit for “The Crown”

plrc-crown-blog-9I had so much fun with my previous baby name blogs: Top Ten Tickety Boo Downton Abbey Baby/Pet Names and 13 Luscious Green Gables-Inspired Baby/Pet Names, I decided what would be more fun than a baby name blog stirred by “The Crown”?

(Did you guys watch and LOVE it so much? Me too!)

So, here goes, a list of 14 kingly, queenly, regal imperial, majestic, splendid names suggested by members of the House of Windsor and Friends:


1. Elizabeth: She’s been queen for almost 65 years, and her name has definitely been a member of the Moniker Royal Court for much longer. From ‘A is for Atticus’: “Elizabeth is one of the grand dames of baby names, a biblical, queenly appellation that has weathered some 2000 years of history and still sounds splendid.” Plus, a huge buffet of nickname choices: Lizzie (Pride and Prejudice!); Libby, Ellie, Liza, Eliza, Biz, and of course, the cutest Lilabet, the queen’s own nickname! PS: Elizabeth rose as a name in Canada in 2016, and experts say this is influenced by QE2’s 90th birthday year! Popularity in 2015: 14

plrc-crown-blog-2-elizabeth2. Philip: Okay, so yes, on “The Crown,” he’s a bit of a cad, and won’t be winning Husband of the Year awards, not even in the royal family. But he is Queen Elizabeth’s dearest heart, the love of her life. It was touching to see a large framed photograph of Prince Philip in the background of the queen’s recent Christmas Day address to her people. If you can get away from pouty PP in “The Crown,” Philip belonged to a disciple, and means “lover of horses.” Popularity in 2015: 434










plrc-corwn-blog-4-margaret3. Margaret    

Princess Margaret is getting more attention in the last two months since “The Crown’s” debut than in 60-plus years, when her doomed romance with Group Captain Peter Townsend was still aflame. She has always fascinated me, ever since I was a girl and I would page through my mum’s scrapbook of the royal princesses. Margaret was the prettier of the two, I thought, and her clothes were magnificent! (Not to mention, Princess Margaret School still stands on the street I grew up on in Winnipeg—one of four schools named after her in Canada.) As a name, Margaret is like its famous bearer—a strong flavor. Says Nameberry: “An extremely well-used name since medieval times, Margaret is still considered the Scottish national name.” Nicknames: Maggie, Meg, Madge, Margo, Maret (Dutch/German form born by my friend’s daughter). Popularity in 2015: 154



4. Winston: The big surprise for me in watching “The Crown” was how I fell for Winston Churchill, or at least John Lithgow’s absolutely uncanny, aging lion of a character. As a name, Winston is statesmanlike, staunch, yet refined and even musical (One of the Mumford and Sons bears this name). And Win is a winsome short form if there ever was one. Get this: In 2015, it cracked the top 1000 for the first time since Churchill left office. Watch for it to get caught in “The Crown’s” updraft. Popularity in 2015: 524    plrc-crown-blog-6-winston




5. Clementine:  plrc-crown-blog-7-clementine

I am actually quite wild about this quaint, adorable name. (C’mon…she’s an orange! She and Apple Martin can have playdates!) But seriously, the name borne by the ultra supportive wife of Winston Churchill is so sweet, so darling (“Oh my darling Clementine”) it makes me want to have one more baby (and by “have” I mean somebody would have to leave her in a basket on my doorstep). It’s just cracked the Top 1,000 here but I predict it will climb slowly.




6. Peter: “The Crown” had me quite intrigued with Group Captain Peter Townsend, Princess Margaret’s paramour 17 years her senior and the man who caused Queen Elizabeth no end of sleepless nights trying to decide what to do about him. Interestingly, the real Townsend was quite a bit more handsome than the actor (in my opinion). To me, Peter is a marvelous thing to name one’s son. Peter Rabbit, Peter Pan, Peter Parker, Spider Man (a poem). I hear it around here quite a bit, and it always makes me smile. My gentle, kind Grandpa Loewen was Peter, too! Popularity in 2015: 206


Other Royal Names to Consider:  

The Royal Family Attend Church On Christmas Day

7. George (Precious future king who rocks the knee socks!)

8. Charlotte (A wee princess with style to spare)

9. Beatrice (The queen’s ginger-haired granddaughter, Princess Beatrice of York, now 28)

10. Louise (The queen’s youngest granddaughter, Lady Louise Windsor, now 13. There is a lake named after her in my home province of Manitoba!)

11. Zara (Princess Anne’s daughter and the queen’s first granddaughter, Zara Anne Elizabeth Tindall is an equestrian and the mother of Mia, one of the queen’s four great-granddaughters)

12. Edward (Prince Edward is the queen’s baby, now 52! The people I used to babysit for once went to a ballet in Winnipeg where he was attending. They did not put in a good word for me as suggested.)

13. William (Amiable, heroic Prince Charming has it all—looks, charm, heir to the throne, and a job saving lives as a helicopter pilot.)

14. Harry (aka Henry Charles Albert David, Harry of Wales, Prince of the United Kingdom, Cutie, Friend of FLOTUS, Ginger Imp, etc. Top 5 name in the UK and WAAY further down the list here, like 700 places…)


Which one is your favorite comment below for your chance to win Queen Elizabeth II coin earrings from a darling ETSY shop!






  1. Susan says

    I gotta go with Charlotte since that’s my girl’s name, but there are a lot of great ones there! Peter sounds quite snappy and I kinda love Winston too.

  2. Amanda says

    Love this list! I’m partial to this list, as well. Obviously many of these were contenders as I have a Victoria Anne (with an “e”, please, of course!), an Abigail Katherine and a Margaret Elisabeth, myself. I imagine some of the remaining names might belong to some of my grandchildren if I’m lucky enough…

    • Lorilee says

      Amanda, wouldn’t it be nice to name our grandchildren? Or just random babies on the street? :) Name freaks unite!

  3. says

    I’m for Winston– with names the older and more obscure, the better (for me).
    Side note: The most regal name I know, however; is my late great grandfather’s: Reginald. He was also a ginger and also from PEI. :)

    • Lorilee says

      I am really digging Winston, too! Reginald! A ginger! I think Reginald is more of a Canadian name, come to think of it. I sure don’t hear it here.

  4. says

    Elizabeth! It is my grandmother’s name and is as iconic as it is beautiful. Would name my future daughter’s middle name, Elizabeth if the Lord so wills that we adopt.

  5. Tammy says

    I’m partial to all of these, I watched THE CROWN and truly enjoyed seeing the life of all of them. They are all so unique. Hard to pick, but I will go with “George”. We had the greatest opportunity to live in Cambridge for a year, and the little boy next door was George (2002). I do hope another season is in the making. ❤️❤️❤️

    • Lorilee says

      Yes, George. So cute, so cuddly, so curious! :) I don’t know a single baby George here. Do you? would love to see the name rise and grow along with the little prince!

    • Lorilee says

      Right? so strong, so regal! And I think I shall name one of my fiction characters Margaret because of it. (I’m a fiction hobbyist, but a non-fiction girl can still dream, right?)

  6. Tamira Wiebe says

    I wanted so badly to name our youngest Elizabeth Bennet Wiebe. But my husband said Elizabeth Wiebe is a 95 year old lady! I did get to sneak Peter in and my older daughter is Madeleine which is the name of a princess of Sweden.

    • Lorilee says

      Ha! Things only a Mennonite can understand! I like your husband’s comments; my Grandma was an Elizabeth! I have always thought the same thing about Lydia–that it’s an old Oma’s name. Yet here in Michigan I know tons of young Lydias. Great to hear from you, Tamira!

  7. says

    I love Charlotte and Catherine. My middle name is Elisabeth (spelled with an “s”). I also love Eugenie and Beatrice- they are so different! You could call them Genie and Bea for short! And I love Maud of course <3


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