Three Contest Winners Revealed!

plrc-aogg-slatesOh, how I love to give stuff away! When my book “Anne of Green Gables, My Daughter and Me” came out last year, my publisher co-sponsored my first contest for commenters on the Top Ten Literary Crushes and Why We Love Them, a blog I dearly loved to write! We gave away a copy of my book and an Anne of Green Gables Radio Theater production. Though we picked from 70 comments (nothing gets the ladies talking like literary crushes), my neighbor Kelli was one of three winners.

Later, I gave away copies of books featuring our literary crushes, such as “Summer of My German Soldier,” and Downton Abby tea (sigh...I miss my Downton Abby. Can I get a witness?)

This Fall, I ran a few contests in a row, and finally decided to pick some winners. I don’t know about you, but I like it a whole lot when I find out that there ARE winners. You know, I enter so many contests. (My late friend Lori entered every contest, and won a trip to Wimbledon with her husband right before she died. I do it in her honour,CDN spelling, and I also sometimes win. For example, I won an Instagram contest from Penguin and my prize was “The Couple Next Door,” a new thriller in the vein of “Girl on the Train” etc.)

Unless you win you never find out who did win, and the whole thing leaves you hanging…Okay, maybe it’s not that big of a deal.

Well, it’s a BIG DEAL to me!

So herewith are the three contest winners:

1. AMANDA FROM MISSOURI, for her comments on 13 Luscious Anne of Green Gables Inspired Baby Names, an antique slate, perfect for whacking the Gilbert in her life over the head with! (Or just artfully displaying in an Anne of GG-themes shrine in her home!


2. MARGE FROM MANITOBA, for her comment on 9 Money Secrets of the Amish, a copy of my 2011 book “Money Secrets of the Amish” and a juicy new read from the fabulous Suzanne Woods Fisher!


3. TRACY FROM MICHIGAN, for her comment on 5 Pros and 5 Cons of the New Anne of Green Gables Movie, an antique slate to either crack someone with or (see above).

Congrats to all the winners and your prizes shall be dispensed upon receiving your address!

By the way, I have been scoping out some fun Etsy┬ásites, such as Carrot Top Paper Shop, my new favorite place to ooh and ah on the interwebs. I’m planning a Literary Crush Book Club post soon on Jane Eyre. Oooh, wouldn’t this be the sweetest prize?jane-eyre-blog-1

Be watchful, kindred pals, for your chance to win this Jane Eyre quote and other swoon-worthy prizes behind Door #1 here at the Home Office!



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