My Incompatible Valentine

Valentine candy heart blank

  My husband and I have almost nothing in common (except for rock n roll, our kids, pets and mortgage). Our friends have known this since 1990, when I first noticed Doyle’s gleaming white teeth across the table in the student dining hall. I had met him before, but it was hard to get past … [Read more...]

Worst Snow Day Mom Ever


    We have another snow day. I know this because I have developed a tic (or is that “tick”? Or is that a vermin? Oh, who cares?) on my face near my right eyebrow, and also because I hear the sound of sick cats fighting in the alleyway (ie: the cherubs going at it downstairs). … [Read more...]

Back to School Musings from Anne of Green Gables, Little House on the Prairie, Rob Lowe, and Me

Anne of Ingleside

My sweet friend Heather recently dropped off her firstborn child at Smith College in Massachusetts. She’s a mess, of course, and deeply sentimental about this passage. Even though it’s a grand thing altogether that Sophie was accepted into such a magnificent university, and her future looks … [Read more...]