The Hamster under the Bed: Stories of Kids’ Pets and the Moms who Love Them (Maybe not “Love” Them, but End up Caring for Them, Being Peed Upon by Them, and Spending Lots and Lots of $$$ on Them): Part 1

Mom and hamster

Becki and Teddy: A Love Story “Nathan wanted a hamster so badly, and after about a month of talking about it, we decided to get him one for his 10th birthday. I was more sold than my husband. His arguments were: a) They smell b) They’re up at night so the wheel would drive us all crazy … [Read more...]

My Child Just Got a Driver’s License and I’m a Little Bit Freaked

This man's face says it all.

This man's face says it all: His precious child is, for the first time, behind the wheel of thousands of pounds of motorized steel. She's about to take to the roadways, the highways, the byways, careening along the highways at frenzied, indecent speeds (usually people just "drive," but … [Read more...]